13 September 2011

June 1969 - Vogue Italia

Cover Model: Berkley Johnson
Photographed by: Avedon

Unknown Model
Twiggy by Justin de Villeneuve
Alberta Tiburzi by Barbieri
Unknown Model by Barbieri
Jimi Hendrix by Raymund de Larrain
Florinda Bolkan by Barbieri
Carol la Brie by PenatiTwiggy by Justin de Villeneuve
Unknown Model by Bugat
Diana Leopardi (L) and Emanuela Piccolomini (R) by Elisabetta Catalano
Unknown Model by Unknown


plainsong said...

FANTASTIC Twiggy, thanks

anna jane hollow said...

the last three scans look like they might have been taken by karl ferris. the colors are right up his alley and i know he shot spreads for many european fashion magazines in the late '60s-'80s.

sasha alex said...

On the last page written, that photos of all 6 pages it this Alberto Dell'Orto.

Freya said...

Plainsong, they are great Twiggy, aren't they? I can never understand why she was so underused in UK and US Vogue when Italia loved her so much. I have a great 60s Italia Twiggy cover coming soon!!
Anna Jane and Sasha - thanks for that! As Sasha rightly points out, the photos were by Alberto Dell'Orto. But I agree with Anna Jane that stylistically it is very similar to Karl Ferris (thinking of the Are you Experience album cover).