8 September 2011

March 1973 - Paris Vogue

Cover Models: Louise Despointes and Jean-Pierre Cassel
Photographed by: Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin for Jourdan Shoes
Tracy Weed, Louise Despointes, Jean-Pierre Cassel by Guy Bourdin
Jeanette Christiansen and Ingmari Lami by Barbieri
Willy van Rooy and Bennie by Helmut Newton
Unknown model by Louis Faurer
Mouche and Susan Bottomly by Tony Kent
Apollonia by Bugat
Maia Plissetskaia by Rabeux Susan Moncur and unknown model by Sarah Moon
Donna Mitchell and Christiana Steidten by Bugat
Jeanette Christiansen by Barbieri
Louise Despointes and Tracy Weed by Guy Bourdin
Jeanette Christiansen by Barbieri
One of Pola's last Vogue ads


willy van Rooy said...

wonderful freya, what a good edtion, great pictures of Jeannette and you know it isfunny in the pictures of Tony Kent wtth Mouche and Susan, the photographe r in the pictures is my husband Salvador, was just thinking of them the other day. Thank you like always, just love your blog, much love

Freya said...

Oh thanks for letting me know Willy, I didn't know that!! Do you want me to share those pictures on FB for you? xxx

Anonymous said...

March 1973 Paris Vogue
The unknown model by Louis Faurer is a very young Cristina Ferrare

Ms.Paradise said...

Fab Bourdin shots here. The Bugat shot of Apollonia in Laroche is almost too much for me to handle! Sizzling glamour.