8 September 2011

May 1972 - Paris Vogue

L'Ete a Votre Portee
Cover Model: Charlotte Rampling
Photographed by: Mike Reinhardt

Guy Bourdin ad for Charles Jourdan shoes

Tracy Weed by Guy Bourdin
Helen Hogberg and unknown models by Helmut NewtonInger Kent by Louis PaurerTracy Weed by Bourdin
Lara Koski and unknown model by Henry Clarke


Anonymous said...

In the Bourdin on pink foam: the bling was for real, two armed guards in the studio, left-hand image Guy said I was a 'smoked salmon'! Tracy

Freya said...

Is that a compliment or an insult? I'm assumimg he means a luxury item in keeping with the jewels!!

Ashley Pomeroy said...

I think it's 'cause smoked salmon often comes shrink-wrapped in transparent plastic. There's a bizarre SM theme to the shots of the women in swimming gear, it's like Helmut Newton before Helmut Newton.