6 September 2011

October 1972 - Paris Vogue

Special Pret-A-Porter
Cover Model: Monica Vitti
Photographed by Helmut Newton

Guy Bourdin ad for Charles Jourdan
Beshka and unknown model by Mike Reinhardt
Unknown Model by Guy BourdinChris O'Connor and unknown model by Frank HorvatUnknown Model by Helmut Newton
Pilar Crespi by Patrice Calmettes
Madame Rossolimos by Taki Diamantopolous
Beshka by Patrick Sauteret
Anne de Caraman by Francois de Camaran
Hiram Keller by Alex Chatelain


plainsong said...

wow, Hiram Keller!
thanks for all your work :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the Bardot cover for Vogue Paris from October 1971 and February 1973! I've spent years searching for those issues. They were Bardot's only Vogue covers, unless you count Vogue Hommes late in 1992.
Beautiful blog


Anonymous said...

for Bourdin : Susan Bottomley who married the photographer Tony Kent.

for Horvat with Chris it is JANNE(ELLE PARIS 1429 in 1973)

and the unknown model with Newton is Angelika KOCH.