2 September 2011

September 1971 - Paris Vogue

Collections Hiver 71/72
Cover Model: Sylvie Vartan
Photographed by: Helmut Newton

Anjelica Houston, Donna Jordan, Viviane, Emanuelle by Helmut Newton
Margrit Ramme, Claudia Duxberry and JJ by BugatTracy Weed, Wallis Franken and Anjelica Huston by Guy Bourdin
Unknown Model by Guy Bourdin
Claudine Auger by Henry Clarke
Jeanette Christansen and Emanuelle by Helmut Newton
Anjelica Huston, Wallis Franken and Tracy Weed by Guy Bourdin
Jeanette Christiansen by Helmut Newton
Anjelica Huston by Bob Richardson
Isabelle Weingarten by Guy Bourdin
Viviane and Jeanette Christiansen by Helmut Newton
Diane di Monbrison by Henry Clarke
Suzie Dyson by Jean-Daniel Louieux


Anonymous said...

Super issue! What a gem!

willy van Rooy said...

Lovely edition, some great pictures there but I don't see Janet C in the first pages with JJ bugat and the ones of Henri C are also NOT Janet, I worked with her so much that I will recognise her anywhere. On the other hand the really marvelous pictures of Janet by Helmut are amongst the best! Wallis and Angelica look great and had a lot of fun doing the Guy Bourdin shoot, great! You are doing such a great job Freya! We are going to nominate you as the Vintage Fashion Expert, VFE! much love and please keep your eyes open for any Sunday Times supplement in color of the late 60ties and early 70ties because they had the best photographers and stylists do the fashion pages, for me my very best pictures with Helmut are for that magazine somewhere in Jan or Feb 1968. 3 different shoots in Morocco. Anyway I am just saying.. i was looking up that fantastic stylist who is still going strong, Caroline Baker? Keeping you busy, much love

Billy said...

Hi Freya!
Gawd what a fantastic issue this is. The editorial with Wallis Franken & Angelica Houston is just sooo fabulous.
R.I.P Wllis....

Anonymous said...

with Magrit there is Claudia Duxburry (and not jeanette)and Viviane Fauny..
the Id with Bourdin is Isabelle Weingarten..
and with Clarke it is not Jeanette Christiansen.