28 October 2011

April 1971 - Vogue Italia

250 Pagine Numero Speciale
Cover Model: Helga Jones
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Angelica Houston for Missoni
Angelica Houston for Mirsa (r)Kari-Ann Mueller, Helga Jones and unknown model by Barry Lategan
Chandrika and unknown models by Bugat
Loulou de la Falaise by Gianna Turlazzi
Cristiani Senni by Gianna Turilazzi
Marina Spinolli by Gianna Turilazzi
Mata Spinolia by Gianna Turilazzi
Caterina Snedeker by Gianna Turilazzi
Claudia Ruspoli by Gianna Turilazzi
Paola Punturierei by Gianna Turilazzi
Brocolli by Carrara
Denise Hopkins by Barry LateganDrawings by Antonio Lopez
Ann Turkel, Katalan Kallay, Marisa Berenson, Veruschka, Penelope Tree and Jean Shrimpton by De Rosnay and BaileyPablo and Delia by Bellati


Blue Shed Thinking said...

RIP Loulou

Lesley Jones Powsey said...

I am the model whom you named Helga Jones--including the cover. I don't remember ever going by the name, Helga, but I was so crazy in those days, anything's possible. With Riccardo Gay agency in Milan. Elite in Paris and N.Y. I have all those tearsheets in a box, here in Tulsa OK! These days, people know me as Lesa Powsey. This was so funny, which my daughter found online!

David said...

I have a mannequin of you Leslie, from the late 60's I think, produced by a company called Derek Ryman ,in London..