11 November 2011

Mag 1969 - Vogue Italia

Esplode la Moda per L'Estate
Cover Model: Twiggy
Photographed by: Justin de Villeneuve

Eva by Guy Bourdin
Jean Shrimpton by Penati
Twiggy by Justin de Villeneuve

Julie Driscoll by Avedon
Isa Stoppi by Barbieri

Mirelli Pettini by Barbieri
Unknown model by Bugat
Mirelli Pettini by Barbieri
Twiggy by Justin de Villeneuve
Lauren Hutton by Avedon
Eva by Guy Bourdin
Selvaggia Borromea d'Adda and Claudie Cardinale by Penati
Rudolf Nureyev by Barbieri


plainsong said...

great Twiggy here. NUREYEV especially as well, thank you as always!!

Anonymous said...

unknown by Bugat was Claudia something....

Billy said...

Wow this is clearly an epic issue and my favourite so far. I never realised how powerful Twiggy & The Shrimp were. And what about that iconic shot of Lauren Hutton's breast. Stunning editorials. After seeing Jean Shrimpton here I've decided she's No.1 in my model hall of fame. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Claudia Duxbury