20 July 2012

15th March 1965

Fashion for a Prettier Wittier Spring
Cover Model: Veruschka
Photographed by Penn

Unknown Models (one possibly Wilhelmina) by Bert Stern

Marisa Berenson and Monkey by Penn
Unknown Model by Penn
Veruschka by PennBaby Jane Holzer and Unknown by William Klein
Unknown Model by Henry Clarke , obviously Coco Chanel on left!!
Sue Murray, Jean Shrimpton, Brigitte Bauer, Mirelli Pettini and Unknown models by William KleinBrigitte Bauer by Henry Clarke

Wilhelmina, Jean Shrimpton, Benedetta Barzini and Veruschka by Bert Stern
Marisa Berenson and Unknown Model by Penn
Benedetta Barzini by Penati
Anouk Aimee by Henry Clarke


Skorver said...

The unknown model on the first page by Bert Stern is Angela Howard.

The unknown model by Penn is Jennifer O'Neil.

The unknown model with Marisa in the Penn piece is Veronica Hamel.

In the piece by Henry Clarke, only the first two are of Anouk Aimee, the other four are all of Donna Allegra Caracciolo di Castagneto.

Danian Dare said...

Thanks my dear , I really love to see these old Vogues.