29 August 2012

November 1972 - Vogue Italia

Un Numero Staordinario Tuttomaglia
Cover Model: Laura Alvarez
Photographed by: Albert Rizzo

Anne Holbrook, Wallis Franken, Eva Maelstrom and Suki by Elgort

Bonnie Pfeiffer and unknown models by Elgort
Beska by Mike Reinhardt

Chris Royer by Unknown Photographer

Unknown Model by Richard Imrie

Vivienne Lynn by Bugat

Chris Royer by Orsi

Donna Jordan

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umithepumi said...

The blond with short hair was named Suki. In Elgort's photos is Bonnie Phiffer, and in JJ Bugat's pics it is Viviene Lee (not Cathee Damon).