4 September 2012

March 1975 - Vogue Italia

Nella Moda
Cover Model: Unknown
Photographed by: Barbieri

Unknown Model by Barbieri

Kathy Quirk and unknown model (Susan Moncur?) by Guy Bourdin

Unknown Models by Barry Lategan

Unknown Model (Emmanuelle?) by Toscani

Cathee Dahmen/Vivienne Lynn(?) by Barry Lategan

Unknown Models by Gianbarberi

Christiana Steidten by Francois Lamy

Unknown Model by Barry Lategan

Christiana Steidten by Francois Lamy

Unknown Model by Carlo Orsi

Grace Jones ad


Cammila said...

My goodness, the 70's were full of SUCH sophisticated draping. I love it. Thanks so much for scanning and posting all this. :)

Alex said...

Cover Model and Unknown Model by Barbieri is Kristine Silva, unknown model with Kathy Quirk by Guy Bourdin is Otti Glanzelius, one of the unknowns Models by Barry Lategan is Lisa Palmer.

catheedahmenadmin said...

Yes, that is Cathee Dahmen taken by Barry Lategan. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I will include your link on the website.