20 September 2012

May 1975 - Paris Vogue

L'ete En Ville
Cover Model: Unknown
Photographed by: Hans Feurer

Sirpa Lane by Daniel Bernard

Barbara Minty and unknown models (Rosie Vela??) by: Mike Reidhardt

Tracy Weed and  Barbara Jean Hughes by Peccinotti

Marisa Berenson by Henry Clarke

Christiana Steidten, Yolande Gilot and Kathy Quirk by Hans Feurer

Barbara Jean Hughes, Lisa Crosby and Carol Singleton by Jean-Louis David

Unknown model by Guy Bourdin
Unknown model by Guy Bourdin
Sirpa Lane by Jerome Ducrot

Kathy Quirk and unknown models by Guy Bourdin

Carrie Nygren by Otto Stuppakoff


Alex said...

Unknown Model by Peccinotti is Barbara Jean Hughes, Unknown models by Hans Feurer is Yolande Gilot and Kathy Quirk, Unknown models by Jean-Louis David is Barbara Jean Hughes, Lisa Crosby and Carol Singleton. Unknown Model by Otto Stuppakoff is Carrie Nygren.

Anonymous said...

on the cover - Connie McCormmach

Anonymous said...

The cover shot is actually Pattie Boyd!

Anonymous said...

Connie McCormach is the Cover...
I was her roommate in Paris...

Anonymous said...

Anyone can say that

Pablo said...

Do you can scan the page 75 to 80? i need it for a research. Can you help me?