15 November 2012

July 1974 - Vogue Italia

In Senegal Tutta la Nuova Moda Per Un'Estate Tropicale
Cover Model: Christiana Steidten
Photographed by: Barbieri

Unknown Model by Bugat
 Unknown Models by Arthur Elgort
 Unknown Model by Guy Bourdin
  Unknown Model by Arthur Elgort
 Christiana Steidten by Barbieri
 Cappucine(?) by Barbieri
 Lois Chiles by Scavullo

 Unknown Models by William Connors
 Shoes by Toscani
 by Richard Imrie
 Lucia Bose Dominguin jr by William Connors
  Unknown Models by William Connors
 Carole Singleton by Barry Lategan

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umithepumi said...

Hey Freya, in the Elgort series is the ever illusive Deborah and his one-time girlfriend Bonnie Pfiffer.