17 February 2014

An Important Message plus Paris Vogue - March 1967

As you may know, I have not been able to post much recently on here. The reason is this: in a nutshell, we had to close our business and consequently lost our house. I have been selling off my Vogues just to help us to pay the bills. However, I still have some that I scanned that I am slowly uploading when I have time.

I have a big ask. I am still going to keep posting here and I will keep the site running. If you have ever used a picture or taken pleasure from this blog, please, please consider donating something to help us through this rough patch or perhaps consider bidding on some of my Vogues, for sale here.
Your help is appreciated more than you'll know. Even if you can't donate or bid, I am always thankful for every page visit, every comment, every model ID :)
Now, please enjoy this really rare Paris Vogue with the lovely Jean Shrimpton on the cover:

Special Collections
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by: Bailey

Donna Mitchell ad
Charles Jourdan/Guy Bourdin ad
Chanel ad with Nicole de la Marge
Taron ad with Donyale Luna
Ann Turkel, Jean Shrimpton, Nicole de la Marge by Bailey
Heide Weideck by Bailey
Unknown Models by Bert SternJean Shrimpton and Nicole de la Marge by Bailey
Jean Seberg and Jean Shrimpton by unknown
Mia Farrow and Geraldine Chaplin by Avedon
Ann Turkel by Unknown
Unknown model by Guy BourdinLinda Morand by Sacha
Veruschka by Rubartelli

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Anonymous said...

I wish I were employed right now and able to donate.This is one of the only fashion blogs I`d own up to following.